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Premium Genetics, Flower, & Biomass


Clones, Mini Moms, and Mothers

Grown in our greenhouses in Fort Collins, Colorado, we supply premium, high CBD hemp genetics to growers in Colorado and surrounding areas. We supply large and small growers with the highest quality rooted hemp clones and genetics. 


Flower + Biomass

If you are in need of organic hemp flower and/or biomass for your CBD business, look no further. We work directly with processors (no brokers, please) for direct farm to bottle CBD products. Secure your organic flower and biomass for 2019.



If you are new to the hemp industry and are looking for answers, we can help. Before you dive in to the wonderful world of hemp, make sure you are set up for success. 

Genetics: Wife · T1 · ACDC · BaOx · Cherry · Cat's Meow · Magic Bullet

Benefits of Clones

Genetically Consistent

Your hemp clones will express the same genetics and phenotypes because they are taken from the same mother plant right here in sunny Colorado. 


Hemp Clones come ready to plant with no needed extra inputs. You do not have to worry about germination, soil, watering, or growing your plants indoors or in a greenhouse.

Female Plants

Clones are taken only from hemp female plants, which will produce CBD rich flower without the risk of pollination and going to seed. Pollination is a risk with regular and feminized seed. 

CBD Content

Because these plants are genetically identical, your hemp field with have a more consistent cannabinoid expression, meaning your CBD and THC content will be more consistent and predictable. 

Our Team

Cameron Wylde, Owner


Cameron is a Mechanical Engineer with a background in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing design for industrial scale buildings. He handles the logistics and daily operations of Colorado Hemp Connection. Cameron has a true passion for utilizing design engineering to invent and implement efficient systems for every step in the supply chain. With his detail oriented approach, Cameron ensures our production schedules are on track so our growers have a seamless start to their season!

Victoria Wylde, Owner

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Victoria has been in the horticulture industry for over eight years. She received both her Bachelors in Science in Plant Genetics and Masters in Science in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida. She has worked in greenhouses and laboratories around the world including Italy, Belgium, Florida and Colorado. Her research has been based upon plant breeding, tissue culture, and greenhouse production. Victoria works to source premium hemp genetics to ensure our growers plant the best plants in their field! 

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